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“I wish this had been around when I began my independent career. There’s only one word for it – PRICELESS!!!”

“Mike Johnson has done it again ! Packed with great ideas for new (and seasoned) entrepreneurs to help them avoid the pitfalls new business owners often experience.”

“.... a gold mine of great ideas for anyone who wants to start or improve a small business.”

WHAT IT’S FOR: STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN has a single objective: to give YOU the very best chance to create, develop and grow your business – successfully. Based on the best-selling Financial Times book of the same name, STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN is a practical, instant access tool that can help anyone not only start a business but ensure it has a profitable future. Author Mike Johnson was asked to write the book for one reason – he has been a successful independent for over 30 years. Now this video series offers Mike Johnson’s highly personalised insights into getting into business for yourself. Using practical examples and anecdotes from his three decades as a successful practitioner, this series is unlike anything else on the market today. Reason? It is based on tried and tested practical examples that take YOU into the real world of the independent operator. The STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN video series can be used on its own or combined with the Financial Times’ book to provide an all-round experience for any would-be independent. Whichever way YOU choose it is:

WHAT IT COSTS: Considering what it delivers, STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN is a highly cost-effective way of finding out everything about succeeding as an independent worker. In fact it is so cost-effective that much of the content is free of charge. Here’s how it works. Anyone can access STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN and try out the modules. The first ten modules cost NOTHING. Then if you want to learn more (and we hope you do), you sign up for a one year usage. This not only gives you access to the current video library but also allows you to access all the new STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN videos as they are released for the period of your agreement. At the end of your agreement, as a valued customer you can sign up for another year at a much reduced cost.

FANTASTIC VALUE!: When you consider that accountants and IT experts charge upwards of $300 an hour, all this expertise and experience is outstanding value for money. It’s so good, no wanabee independent can afford to miss out.

WHY SIGN UP FOR A YEAR? Experience has shown that users of STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN like to come back to favourite video clips or access the TAKE ACTION! Sections time and time again. Remember, once you join you have instant advice, on screen, at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen.
STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN – being independent never looked so good before !

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