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Starting up on your own: Module Index

This is the nerve centre of STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN. Simply click on the list below to access each advice storyline. You can learn about the module you are going to view; access key learning points; run the movie; TAKE ACTION! yourself; or get a full transcript. Not only can you access this library of advice at any time, it will be CONSTANTLY added to week by week, month by month. At STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN there is always NEW ADVICE!

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Why do you want to do is?   Planning the successful start-up   New business: getting it, charging for it,
getting paid
Module 1 Get the score on the door   Module 25 Adminfrustration – Don’t let it get a hold on you!   Module 46 Rules for generating business
Module 2 STOP! Listen to your head NOT your heart   Module 26 To bill or not to bill – That is survival   Module 47 Get the Score on the Door
Module 3 Welcome to a new way of working   Module 27 ...And the x-files   Module 48 Business proposals that work
Module 4 So, have YOU got a plan?   Module 28 Setting a routine – That you can break   Module 49 How to chase for business
Module 5 It’s what works for YOU!   Module 29 Achieving your work ethic   Module 50 The 24 Hour Rule
Module 6 Stick to your plan – Do NOT let go!   Module 30 Missing your mates – Curing cabin fever   Module 51 How to set fees
Are you a
  Module 31 The partner and the kids   Module 52 When a brief changes
Module 7 Entrepreneur or independent – you decide – Quick!   Module 32 Do business and social life mix?   Module 53 Getting paid
Module 8 Yes, it’s you the multi - Tasking megastar   Module 33 The politics and protocols of client friendship   Module 54 Office Supplies
Module 9 Network, network, network – But the right one(s) please   Module 34 Finding the time for you   Developing the business
Module 10 Other people’s networks are yours too!   Module 35 Chopping your time into do - able chunks   Module 55 Developing your business
Module 11 Everyone you ever knew   Module 36 Keeping track of your time – Just do it!   Module 56 To hire or not to hire
Module 12 M is for money   Module 37 Never put all your beans in the same tin   Module 57 Contracting out
Module 13 Home alone – Creating your workspace   Module 38 Being fit for the battle – Health matters, a lot   Module 58 Keeping your business culture
Module 14 People, partnerships and pestilence   Module 39 How to hire professionals – and why   Module 59 Putting up your fees
Module 15 Don’t be afraid to steal ideas   The life of a
  Module 60 You the guru – Yes, you!
Module 16 Sob sisters and brothers – finding shoulders to cry on   Module 40 Selling part 1 and 2   Module 61 Nightmare strategies
Module 17 Can you smell trouble?   Module 41 Make people remember you   Module 62 Re-energise yourself
Module 18 Staying the course – Get tough with yourself   Marketing yourself   Creating your workplace
Getting out and getting going   Module 42 Yes, your business card makes a difference   Module 63 Creating your workplace
Module 19 Advice for the escaping executive   Module 43 Words about websites   Module 64 How do you work from home?
Module 20 A carbon - Friendly toehold on life   Module 44 Never, ever make a cold call   Module 65 Planning your dream HQ: Part 1
Module 21 Bailing out – Anyone can do it   Module 45 The gentle art of giving   Module 66 Planning your dream HQ: Part 2
Module 22 Downshifting for fun and profit         Module 67 Where do pens, pencils and printer ink come from?
Module 23 Graduates can play the independent game too!         Module 68 Setting your home office rules
Module 24 Retired – but still rarin’ to go         Module 69 How to stay ahead of the game
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