Welcome to Starting Up on Your Own

Welcome to the Pilot Version of Starting Up On Your Own

Based on the best-selling Financial Time’s book of the same name, STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN is a powerful new way to get instant insider knowledge to help YOU develop a successful independent business.

Hosted by the book’s author MIKE JOHNSON, STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN provides a step-by-step, action-oriented guide to creating, growing and sustaining a business. Most importantly, STARTING UP ON YOUR OWN is a great deal more than just checklists of things to do and lessons to learn. It offers real, day-to-day practical insights and the learning modules provide not only a starter kit for the would-be independent, but also offer common-sense advice to anyone looking to grow their business, raise their fees, create a home office improve their marketing, take on a partner and much, much more.

To get started there are currently five modules available for free. These are available here or through the Module Index:-

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